Dear Colleagues,

As summer approaches it is time to remind you of our next meeting at the twelfth biennial conference of the Society which this year is to he hosted by the University of Uppsala, Sweden on 22 – 24 October, and entitled “The Challenge of Pluralism – the Power of Interpretation.” The main speakers are Professor Anders Jeffner (The Royal Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities, Stockholm), Professor Torsten Pettersson (University of Uppsala) and Dr Mona Siddiqui (University of Glasgow).

Already there is a very rich programme of papers and seminars, largely organized through a series of panels, but there is still space if you are interested in attending. Bursaries and financial help may be available for students.

Please contact us through the Conference website

or through the organizers in Uppsala, Professor Carl Reinhold Brakenhielm (, and Professor Torsten Pettersson (

Otherwise you may contact me in Glasgow.

The Conference website is linked to the Society’s website, which contains further information:


You will also be interested to know that the proceedings of the conference held in 2000 in the University of Nijmegen have now been published by Ashgate, as Literary Canons and Religious Identity, edited by Erik Borgman, Bart Philipsen and Lea Verstricht. (Ashgate, 2004, ISBN 0 7546 3512 0).

All best wishes for the coming summer months,

David Jasper
University of Glasgow
Secretary – European Society for Religion, Literature and Culture