Dear colleagues,

At the beginning of 2009, I take the opportunity to wish each and everyone of you, on behalf of the Committee of the International Society for Religion, Literature and Culture, a very happy New Year.

In October 2008, the 14th ISRLC conference was held with great success at the University of Aarhus in Denmark thanks to the brilliant organisation and to everybody’s participation. During the business meeting, it has been announced that the next conference will most certainly be held in Oxford on 23-25 September 2010 around the them of “Critical Theory and Spiritual Practice.” Any thought on the subject can be addressed to Pamela Anderson. We will keep you updated on this forthcoming conference.

It was also decided that a fee for membership of about 20€ would be added to the conference cost in order to help the Society continue. Furthermore, it was the occasion to remind us that members of the Society are given a 20% reduction for subscriptions to the journal Literature and Theology. One of the issues of this journal will be devoted to the publication of some of the best papers given at the last conference.

As you will remember, we askted at that business meeting for someone willing to edit the newsletter for our society for a while. We can gladly announce that we found Marie Holdsworth willing to do that for us.


Wishing you well,

Erik Borgman, chair of the committee

Professor for Systematic Theology

Tilburg University, the Netherlands.