CFP: Pilgrimage, Mission, Spiritual Ascension: Religious Travel in World Literature

SAMLA, 9-11 November

Religious travel is found in many of the world’s greatest literary works, from the pilgrims going to Canterbury to Tripitaka collecting the sacred scrolls in India to Las Casas traveling around the New World to Dante ascending from Hell into Paradise–just to name a few well-known examples.

Presentations on any topic related to literary depictions of religious travel–anything from literal depictions of pilgrimage or mission to metaphorical depictions of spiritual journeying or ascension–are welcome. Source material may come from any religious tradition and geographic region, and genres may include both textual and performed materials (e.g., plays, songs, movies).

Please send a 1 page abstract as .docx or .rtf to J. Stephen Pearson at by Wednesday, 30 May.