CFP: Revisioning Paul Ricoeur and Julia Kristeva (Text Matters)

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Published by the University of Łodź in Poland

editor-in-chief: Dorota Filipczak

No. 4

Special Themed Issue: Revisioning Paul Ricoeur and Julia Kristeva

edited by Pamela Sue Anderson and Dorota Filipczak

At first glance Paul Ricoeur and Julia Kristeva seem to occupy two mutually exclusive positions in philosophical discourse and literary theory. At the same time the closed oeuvre of Ricoeur connects with the expanding oeuvre of Kristeva, whose recent concerns are anticipated in hermeneutics. As the influence of Ricoeur and Kristeva on our readings of literary and cultural phenomena has been enormous, TM invites contributions that reassess the ideas of these thinkers and/or apply them in analysis of literature and culture (or other fields). Submissions related to Ricoeur and/or Kristeva, such as articles, interviews and book reviews are cordially invited. Please see the style sheet for details. The deadline for submissions is October 30th, 2012. They should be emailed to Details about the journal can be found on our website. Editors invite potential contributors to contact them about thematic proposals.