Our next biennial conference will be held 16–18 September 2022 at the University of Chester on the theme of Transmutations and Transgressions, featuring keynote speaker Elaine Scarry.

Transmutation: the conversion of one element or substance into another; the transformation of material into idea or idea into material; praxis into theory or theory into praxis. The process by which the invisible is rendered visible. What structures of knowledge are changed or challenged by such transmutations? How do material, embodied, located knowledges challenge, destabilise or transgress epistemic hierarchies? 

Transgression: the action of passing over, or beyond; specifically, passing beyond boundaries set by, e.g., law, custom, or commandment. But whose law? The customs of which place? What power of command? 

By holding together both transmutation and transgression, pointing specifically towards the transgressive potentials implicit in the act of transmutation, we are particularly inviting sessions and papers which reflect upon the relationship between materiality, change, disruption, and power.

Information on the conference location, including transit, accommodation, and food options, can be found in the map below: